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These rules protect the health, safety and comfort of all members of the Paint Rock Pool community. Please make sure all members of your family and guests know and follow them.


  • Take a shower before entering the pool.

  • Don’t enter the pool if you have an infection or open wound.

  • If your child isn’t toilet-trained, make sure they are wearing a lifeguard-approved swim diaper.

  • If there is thunder, leave the pool and pool area immediately. No one may re-enter the pool area until the lifeguard gives permission (30 minutes after the last clap of thunder). Parents, please make a plan with your children for when they are at the pool by themselves.

  • For swimmer’s safety, Paint Rock follows similar protocols to many local pools. The use of the following items is prohibited: 

    • Mermaid fins or tails 

    • Blow up toys, rings, or blow up floats of any kind (Annual float night is an exception due to extra staff on duty)

  • Children who cannot swim alone may wear a life jacket that properly fits. The jackets with the arm and chest support are ideal.

  • Caregivers must accompany children that cannot swim.

  • To deter bees and other pests, don’t have open food or drink anywhere except on the picnic area deck (water or coffee/tea with a closed lid are ok).

  • The pool doesn’t permit the following anywhere on the premises:

    • Running

    • Smoking or drinking alcohol

    • Chewing gum

    • Using glass containers

  • If you’re diving, please follow these rules:

    • Don’t get onto the board until the person in front of you has jumped off.

    • Wait until the previous swimmer swims away before you dive.

    • Dive straight out, not off the sides.

    • Swim away from the board and to the ladder.

    • Don’t swim under the board.

  • Please note that for swim lessons portions of the pool will be closed off. 

  • Stay out of all areas of the pool if a lifeguard is not present.

  • A safety break will be activated by lifeguards when the number of the people in the pool exceeds 60 OR at the discretion of the guards if there is a perceived safety issue. This allows the lifeguards to perform a visual check of the water and allow swimmers to take a rest and drink water. The break will take place for the last 5 minutes of each hour while the number of people in the pool exceeds 60.


Lifeguards may ask anyone to leave the pool if, in their judgment, that person is endangering or disrupting the health, safety or pleasure of others​.


  • Parents must be in the water with any children, even those wearing a flotation device, who can’t swim or can’t stand with their heads above water.

  • Children must be at least:

    • 14 years old to swim in the deep end until they have passed an annual deep-end test

    • 14 years old and able to swim to babysit for younger children (at the discretion of the lifeguards)

    • 11 years old and able to swim in order to stay at the pool without adult supervision

    • 11 year olds, if they are without an adult, may have up to two guests; the guests must be at least 11 years old, be able to swim, and have parental permission

    • 13 year olds, if they are without an adult, may have up to 4 guests; the guests must be at least 13 years old, be able to swim, and have parental permission


  • Keep your pets outside of the pool fence.

  • Don’t disturb your neighbors by listening or viewing devices with speakers anywhere on the pool premises; use earbuds.

  • Take all phone conversations (including those with earbuds) away from the pool deck or picnic area; the bath or four-square areas are fine.

  • Discard trash and clean up after yourselves, your children, and your guests.

  • Keep your belongings near you, in the cubbies, or on the benches around the picnic area wall. Don’t use them to “reserve” a picnic table. Children who come to the pool alone are encouraged to use the cubbies rather than pool chairs for their belongings.



  • Walk or bike to the pool whenever possible.

  • Fill the upper and lower lots before parking on street.

  • Stay off neighbors’ lawns and give their driveways and mailboxes easy access.

  • Keep the pool driveway free at all times for emergency vehicles.



  • Come in through the main gate on the driveway; only use the ADA gate to exit the pool.

  • Sign in with our check-in form.

  • The number of members can include immediate family, live-in helpers, babysitters, overnight out-of-town company, and the member’s linear relatives (parents, grandparents, children, and grandchildren).

  • All other people, including local friends who have stayed the night (such as a sleepover), are guests.

  • Fill out a pass for each guest, writing down the names of the guest and the host member.



  • Guests may not be at the pool for any amount of time without the hosting member.

  • Guests may not visit the pool more than 4 times a month, regardless of the number of hosts.

  • A household with an adult present can bring a maximum of 5 guests at one time. 

  • Lifeguards are happy to help members who want to pick up pre-purchased passes or buy new passes ($6 each, $50 for a book of ten).

  • When you arrive with guests, please submit any prepaid guest passes to a guard.



  • Sign up for a lap lane using our Lap Swim Reservation system.

  • Members with a reservation should check in with a staff member when they arrive. 

  • Two swimmers are allowed per lane.

  • If a lane is empty it may be used by any member, however you must exit the lane if someone with a reservation arrives.

  • Adults have preference for lap lane use. 

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