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Membership is always open to shareholders who live within the original Turning Mill neighborhood, which includes most homes on Turning Mill Road, Grimes Road, Partridge Road, Mountain Road, Demar Road, Dewey Road, Jeffrey Terrace and Gould Road. As shareholders, these members carry a responsibility for electing the pool’s board of directors and maintaining the value of the pool.

Families living outside the neighborhood who are Lexington residents may join the pool as Summer Members. Summer Members are equally responsible for maintaining the community, including the pool’s safety, cleanliness, rules and enjoyability. There is a waiting list for Summer Members.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please Email us.




Residents of any household that joins the pool may visit the pool at no additional cost. In addition, au pairs and other live-in help, babysitters, house guests (e.g., out-of-town visitors) and linear relatives of the member have unrestricted access to the pool. Linear relatives include grandparents, parents, children, and grandchildren; non-linear relatives, such as cousins, aunts, siblings, etc., require a guest pass. 


Guest passes enable pool members to bring up to five guests at a time. All guests will need to purchase guest passes, sign in and check in with the guards. If there is a circumstance where you wish to bring more than five guests, please contact the pool manager at least 24 hours in advance. Approval will be based on the time of day, staff availability and capacity and may not be possible.

  • A guest (including playmates/children who are sleepover guests) may visit the pool a maximum of four times per month, regardless of how many members act as hosts.

  • The host must be present at the pool for the entire time that any guest is there.

  • To obtain guest passes:

    • Pay $6 per person for a guest pass on the day of the visit

    • Buy single guest passes for $6 or a book of ten for $50 any time from the guardhouse

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